Life and Death without Air Conditioning

There have been record high temperatures in southern united states and latin america. These are temperatures are in 110F or 50C. These temperatures are so hot they have caused multiple deaths. Many people in Latin American countries do not have air conditioning or the money to afford it. Many are under climate threat. They have electricity but not AC. Recently, I have helped purchase air conditioning unit for one of these homes where the heat was making the inhabitants sick.  

For $400-$600 you can provide air conditioning to a Latin American house that will last for years. I will help setup and install the unit. I will provide receipts for the purchase. For $650 I will add your name to the AC unit so they will remember your gift every time they look at it. Please don’t be a selfish asshole for once. Help someone else stay cool during the end of the world. 

Please send payments to the account listed.

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